“Book Club” Minutes 5.6.08

May 10, 2008 at 10:34 pm ("Book Club")

Minutes from the Book Club meeting held on May 6, 2008.  In attendance: Lee, Colleen, Rhonda, and Mandy.  Absent: Jill.

For the benefit of Rhonda’s daughter we will now be officially reading a book entitled ‘No Elephant Left Behind’.

Our evil plot works – Lee feels unwanted as we exclude him from all conversation.

Is Jill secretly practicing her favorite pole dance moves?  (If you’re not at book club to defend yourself, we can say whatever we want.

Can you hear me now?  The parking lot phone parade.

Things you might hear A.S. say:

  • “I accidentally eavesdropped”
  • “Would you like to hear a story about my co-worker?  Some of it might be true”
  • “Only heaven knows

A teddy, a hot chick, and a new dryer.  No wonder Lee had to leave after his phone call.

Colleen sure looks sexy when she’s angry!


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May 7, 2008 at 1:01 am (Uncategorized) ()

Last night I worked myself up to taking the bike out last night…and I couldn’t get it started.  I was disappointed, but got over it, and left it out so Peter could look at it when he got home.  Which of course meant that it started on the first try when he arrived.  By that point I was already un-worked up and very dirty from yard work, so I decided not to go last night. 

Instead I worked on one of my quirky projects.  It may not seem quirky to many people, but to some it is.  I am planning on building a dry stacked stone wall at the end of our property.  I have been picking rocks out of the neighbor’s field for two years to do this.  Is it crazy to want to hand pick rocks to make a 90 foot wall, 2 feet wide and 3 feet high?  Maybe, especially because it will probably take me 20 years to complete.  But there is a certain satisfaction in doing all the work myself. 

Last night I focused on getting the bigger rocks from the lilac pile down to the ditch, in case they plant that field today and I lose my chances.  Usually I take a bucket and pick the medium-sized rocks and dump them into a pile.  Last night I was taking the rocks that I can only carry one at a time.  I mostly felt like I was a contestant in the The World’s Strongest Man competition carrying those rocks down the hill.  Then I would laugh at myself and almost drop the giant rock on my toes, so I had stop that.  I have enough rocks now to do about a 3-foot section of the wall, not so impressive.  Hopefully they don’t plant that field for another week or so, and I can get a better start.  And hopefully my wrists hold out.  My fingers are numb today. 

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