Mulberry Stories

June 29, 2008 at 11:15 am (Uncategorized)

Wow, mulberries are probably not interesting enough to have “stories” about them, but such is the life out in the middle of nowhere. 

We have saved one large mulberry tree and a couple small ones in the woody planting.  This is the first year that we have had a noticeable crop of berries on them (at least enough to warrant picking them).  Last Friday was my first Friday off from working four ten hour days, and the first round of berries were ripe.  Buck and I went down after Peter went to work and started picking. 

Buck likes mulberries, and will eat them out of your hand if they are ripe.  He is very selective about the ripeness of the berries, and will eat around the non-ripe ones.  As I was picking he was snorfling around in the grass around the tree for berries that had been dropped.  At least I thought that was what he was doing.

Pretty soon I heard a loud squeak that sounded just like a lot of his toys, so my first thought was that he had discovered a lost toy.  Until he bounded away so quickly and I saw a little foot sticking out of his mouth.  Then I remembered that Peter had mentioned they had kicked up a rabbit down there the other morning.  This must have been one of the babies.  So as Buck ran away I texted Peter to ask him why he was always gone when the wierd animal things happen out here.  Then I ran up to the garage to get a Beggin Strip to trade Buck for the baby bunny.  That worked really well, and he was put on the cable while I contemplated what to do.

If I was my father, I would have just stomped the poor thing and been done with it (there is a reason his friends call him Big Foot after all).  But I just couldn’t bring myself to that.  For a split second I thought about trying to save it, it was still breathing after all, and could kind of hop (as it tried to escape me).  But I knew that Buck and chomped it good, and probably rolled it over a few times with his massive paws, and that it wouldn’t make it very long.  I couldn’t stand thinking about the suffering.

So I sucked it up and pretended to be tough while I went and found the pellet gun…and I will end the detailed part of the story there.  Living in the country is great the majority of the time, but dang if there isn’t some crappy parts too.


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