Slow Pitch Summer

August 3, 2009 at 9:36 am (Uncategorized)

Oh, hey, I have a LOT of drafts that I forgot to publish…so here is one from a year ago…

Peter is playing a lot of softball this summer.  Monday nights with the church league “A” team (oh how I wish there were a Mr. T on their team…) Tuesday night subbing with Jon’s team, and Friday nights with Bruce and friends.  This is a lot of softball, and means that we only really see each other on Wednesday nights (I have bowling on Thursday). 

The first part of summer was really busy with games.  The last two weeks have been very slow.  The Monday night league is at Dawson Field in Janesville, which has been under water (what isn’t) for two weeks.  They say they will start back the 14th of July.  We’ll see.  He hasn’t been called for Tuesdays for a while either.  Friday has been good – they have won all but 4 games, which is ok because if you win the “B” league, you have to move to the A league, and no one wants that! 

Last night he played in Stoughton for the Academy Electric Team with Bruce, etc.  They played a team that had beaten them before – they hit a LOT of home runs.  Peter plays short stop and went after a pretty good hit, which then took a wierd bounce and hit him in the chest hard enough for us to hear it.  He said afterward he thought he broke his clavicle.  The only actual lasting injury is a great impression of the stitches from the ball on his chest.  Almost looks like a red tattoo of softball stiches, with a red halo the size of the softball around it. 

On Fridays we go out to Deak’s in Stoughton after the games and hang out.  It is a nicer bar, with good food.  They also give you free soda after 10 (or 9 if you get the right bartender).  It isn’t too smoky and usually has plenty of tables and stools for the team to sit and hang out.


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