Did I mention…

April 29, 2010 at 9:07 pm (Baby, Peter, Peter Says)

Belly!, originally uploaded by maren6300.

that I am a HIPPOPOTAMUS? Actually the caps lock there was unintentional, but when I looked up at the screen, I decided to leave it, as it is appropriate. We went around the room last night at the class and I look fully larger than the ladies that are due in May. MAYYYYYYY. As in, the month that starts this weekend. I am not due til JUNE, the end of. The ladies due in July look a little chunky is all. YIKES. My ultra-helpful husband made it even better this morning by recounting a discussion he had with his friend Tom last night in which Tom still thinks I could fit on his bike without the middle back rest on, and Peter said “no way, we are having a 15 pound baby” I informed him (without crying – amazing!) that he is not being very helpful at all, and maybe he should get over here and help me stretch my hips out, because I am going to need all the flexibility I can get…


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