April 1, 2009 at 10:19 am (Family) ()

When I was little I would lay on the couch with my dad, head on his belly and listen to his supper digest.  I loved the way it sounded like a cave with the drips, gurgles and bubbling. 

Dad was my 4-H Shooting Sports leader, and always made me feel so special when I could shoot better than the boys. 

I tried really hard to be good at softball, but it never worked.  I even tried to be on the High School team, and didn’t make it.  I sucked it up and was the manager.  I was continually embarrassed by how bad I sucked and felt lame for staying on as the manager. 

When I worked in my home town after graduating college, I had a luxurious hour-long lunch  and could very easily go home every day.  Dad gets home from work around 11:30 and it was always so nice to get to eat leftovers with him and watch Star Trek:The Next Generation with him.  We would both nap and it was lovely.  The biggest bummer is that I still had to go back to work.

A last-minute sculpture proposal of mine was accepted for the Terrace Chairs on the Town project.  Dad spend counteless hours out in their garage with me to accomplish the task.  He taught me how to use aviation snips and how to pop rivet.  He also taught me some wicked new combinations of swear words.  His creativity knows no limits.

When a tree fell in our yard, he didn’t wait for us to get home – he came over and started cutting it up as soon as he could, so we could move forward with fixing.  He came back several other times to help complete remodeling, and even more tree removal.  Even though he has 100 times more experience at these types of things, he lays back and lets Peter make the decisions, and gives great input collaboratively.


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Mother’s Day

June 29, 2008 at 11:17 am (Family) ()

We had my moma and pa and Peter’s mom and dad and sister over for Mother’s Day.  The original hope was to go visiting on the motorcycle, but it was WINDY and RAINY and so no luck.  So we decided to have everyone over here.  No one really comes here that often because we are so far away (25 or 45 minutes…which isn’t all that far really, but with gas prices and busy busy schedules, it makes it harder). 

I was excited to show everyone the changes made here since they have last been here, and the yard with things simply exploding in the last two weeks.  The menu was simple – more food than you could eat in all three meals of the day – so pretty much the usual.  Steak from father John’s herd (Peter’s dad), Dawn (P’s mom) brought potato casserole and green bean salad (P loves it). Moma/Lynny-poo brought not one, but two desserts – rhubarb crisp and a double-layer chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and strawberries.  Pa brought morels that moma then fried for lunch as well.  Peter grilled the steaks, I made a cheese tray, rolls, fruit pizza, salad (writing this down…I actually had the easier parts of the menu…good for me!)

So Dawn thought there was too much food as I was continually pulling things out, but that is just our way.  No one will go to hell as long as there is enough food.  The only thing we ran out of was the morels.  I did my part by not eating any.  I sacrifice like that, by not eating things that gross me out completely. 

We followed up our traditionally large dinner by NOT doing dishes.  Emily helped me clear the table and sort the dishes, but I refused to let Dawn have us do dishes.  I have a dishwasher for a reason after all, and I hate having to spend all afternoon in the kitchen while I have guests in the dining room.  So there you have it.  I still have a load of dishes to do, but I had a good time going back and forth between Peter and Pa talking about the bedroom remodel for this summer, and John, Dawn and Moma talking about who knows what (they skipped around a lot). 

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