Favorite Flea Market

June 29, 2008 at 10:59 am (shopping) ()

So…I have been way behind on dowloading, editing, and uploading pictures, so I will go ahead and post some of these with no pictures.  You will have to go to the flickr to see the pictures once I get around to them.

On Saturday (May 17) Kelly, Moma, Kris and I went to the Pecatonica, Illinois Flea Market.  This is a twice-yearly tradition for my immediate family, and others sometimes come along (like Aunt Janet).  This year we got there right as the gates opened because we were in a big hurry.  Within the first 15 minutes we had found half the things on our list and had made two trips to the truck.  This was slightly troublesome since we had already spent half of our money for the day, and hadn’t even gotten through the first building. 

Our worries were unfounded, since we found pretty much evertything we wanted by the time we finished the buildings, and had run out of time, so we skipped the outside booths.  Somehow I still managed to get a little bit of a burn though.  So we hauled all the stuff we had on hold to the loading gate and piled up Pa’s truck like the Beverly Hillbillies.  It was awesome.  I got everything loaded down in the back, and they told me I better sit down and be like Granny.  Too bad we didn’t buy a rocking chair. 

I took surprisingly few pictures during the flea market since we were in such a hurry to get back to the auction, but I did get some pics of our loaded up truck.  (Obviously, not done yet…)


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Perfect Perfect

June 21, 2008 at 4:22 am (Outside) (, , )

Since the kids are all home now, I can be more flexible with my schedule.  I worked four ten-hour days this week so I could have today off.  I spent a lot of those four days in a funk and irritated and blaming it on the unusually long day, but all the while looking ahead at Friday Off. 

Today was the day, and it has been perfect.  I got to sleep in (compared to leaving at 6:30, I got out of bed at 6:30).  Buck and I picked thousands of perfectly ripe mulberries.  He sat on my feet while I picked, waiting for me to drop them and tell him it was ok to eat.  I only dropped the bowl once (half full…) but we recovered quickly. 

This afternoon I went with Kelly, Emma and Abi to pick strawberries and out to lunch.  The sun has been shining, but not too bright, and there is a perfect breeze.  Scattered showers only last a couple minutes, and while giving the air a heavy feeling, it is overcome by the freshness brought with a new breeze. 

Now inside cooling off, I will attempt to make mulberry cobbler, reserving some for the jam Kelly and I will make on Sunday.  The dog is asleep in the garage after his hard day of snatching mulberries and baby bunnies (did you know that when a dog bites a baby bunny, it makes the EXACT noise of those squeakers they put in stuffed dog toys?  I didn’t want to know, but now I do)  So that was the only part that was less than perfect, but it is all part of a perfect day in the country.  Thus ends my cheesy sappy recap. 

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“Book Club” Minutes 5.6.08

May 10, 2008 at 10:34 pm ("Book Club")

Minutes from the Book Club meeting held on May 6, 2008.  In attendance: Lee, Colleen, Rhonda, and Mandy.  Absent: Jill.

For the benefit of Rhonda’s daughter we will now be officially reading a book entitled ‘No Elephant Left Behind’.

Our evil plot works – Lee feels unwanted as we exclude him from all conversation.

Is Jill secretly practicing her favorite pole dance moves?  (If you’re not at book club to defend yourself, we can say whatever we want.

Can you hear me now?  The parking lot phone parade.

Things you might hear A.S. say:

  • “I accidentally eavesdropped”
  • “Would you like to hear a story about my co-worker?  Some of it might be true”
  • “Only heaven knows

A teddy, a hot chick, and a new dryer.  No wonder Lee had to leave after his phone call.

Colleen sure looks sexy when she’s angry!

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May 7, 2008 at 1:01 am (Uncategorized) ()

Last night I worked myself up to taking the bike out last night…and I couldn’t get it started.  I was disappointed, but got over it, and left it out so Peter could look at it when he got home.  Which of course meant that it started on the first try when he arrived.  By that point I was already un-worked up and very dirty from yard work, so I decided not to go last night. 

Instead I worked on one of my quirky projects.  It may not seem quirky to many people, but to some it is.  I am planning on building a dry stacked stone wall at the end of our property.  I have been picking rocks out of the neighbor’s field for two years to do this.  Is it crazy to want to hand pick rocks to make a 90 foot wall, 2 feet wide and 3 feet high?  Maybe, especially because it will probably take me 20 years to complete.  But there is a certain satisfaction in doing all the work myself. 

Last night I focused on getting the bigger rocks from the lilac pile down to the ditch, in case they plant that field today and I lose my chances.  Usually I take a bucket and pick the medium-sized rocks and dump them into a pile.  Last night I was taking the rocks that I can only carry one at a time.  I mostly felt like I was a contestant in the The World’s Strongest Man competition carrying those rocks down the hill.  Then I would laugh at myself and almost drop the giant rock on my toes, so I had stop that.  I have enough rocks now to do about a 3-foot section of the wall, not so impressive.  Hopefully they don’t plant that field for another week or so, and I can get a better start.  And hopefully my wrists hold out.  My fingers are numb today. 

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Practice Makes Perfect?

April 26, 2008 at 2:44 am (Motorcycles)

Last Sunday while Peter and Cole were at softball practice, I got up the nerve (and ran out of excuses) to take the bike out.  I made a couple good skid marks on the ramp part of the driveway right before I almost hit the railroad ties on the side.  It is a shock I didn’t park it right there. 

The rest of the ride went much better.  I even had to stop at the end of our driveway (on an incline) to wait for a car, and the neighbors were there…I was so nervous I would kill it, but I made it…and proceeded to kill it at the end of the road, which is thankfully out of any neighbor’s view.  I took some backroads and had to go outside my comfort zone, but did ok.  I feel a LOT more confident now…although I have not been out since then (the rain and wind might have had something to do with that). 

So, maybe I am on my way.  It would be very good to get comfortable with this very quickly since gas is so very expensive – even with the Escort, it costs me $6 to get to and from work every day.  So there is that. 

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On Goals Becoming Reality

April 16, 2008 at 4:53 am (Motorcycles) ()

Cole still wants to buy the Marauder, so I have until the end of May to either practice enough to be comfortable on it, or get over it and get rid of it.  So hopefully the weather is REALLY nice in May so I can get a chance to ride…and hopefully I will actually be able to convince myself to get out and do it. 

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So Far This Week

April 16, 2008 at 4:47 am (Cooking) ()

We obviously had a good Book Club if judged by the previous post.  Tonight I wanted Cheesy Potato casserole…and then made too much…then compensated by mixing in more stuff, and while I am usually pretty good at faking the ratios, I do not think I have made this recipe enough to fake it.  So it was rough – we now have not one, but two, pans of casserole.  Casserole that wasn’t done baking until 9:45 because I started it at 7:30, and apparently when I have two pans in the oven the top shelf doesn’t cook at all…not even enough to melt the cheese after an hour.  Rough.  So I had grapes for supper and Peter scrounged some leftovers.  And now we will eat potato casserole for a week.  GOOD JOB.  One more reason I suck. 

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Book Club Minutes 4.14.08

April 15, 2008 at 8:32 pm ("Book Club")

Minutes of the Book Club meeting held on April 14, 2008. In attendance: Mandy J, Rhonda M, Colleen D, and (straggling in fashionably late) Jill K. Where’s Lee????


Bob went on his blind date (no pun intended) last week; we are anxiously awaiting his arrival for juicy details.


Did you say fellatio or Felicia?

Jill likes big butts…

New survey idea…stripper names. Be sure to ask everyone you know!

Where to get the best deals on fishnets

Crazy Colleen. Is it the name?

Keith G – Sex object or psycho?

Mandy’s School of Enabling and how you too can become an alumni

Jill big balls and little tips…blow up balls, perverts!

No cherry for no-show Bob

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Does this look like the face of a killer?

April 10, 2008 at 12:05 pm (Buck)

One Year Old!, originally uploaded by maren6300.

I didn’t think so either (mice and moles don’t count). Buck killed one of the muskrats last night apparently. We found it next to his tree in the yard this morning. Did you know muskrats are incredibly ugly? Basically water rats we decided. Huge front teeth, sharp claws on the front legs, and crazy muscular back legs with longer toes and even longer, sharper claws on the back. It’s tail is a long, big rat tail with scales…almost like a giant fin. Peter buried it in the back so Buck can’t find it. Buck has some blood on his face this morning, but right now I can’t tell if it is his or the muskrat’s…or some of both.

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Associations – Music

April 9, 2008 at 3:12 am (Associations, high school) ()

From my junior and senior year of high school:

Counting Crows Double Live Album. Dusti and I used to drive around Monroe listening to this. Hanging out at Honey Creek – exploring the backroads south of town. Peter started listening to it too. I remember being really sad once, sitting on the floor of my dorm room, being overly dramatic about having to live with a roommate at college *HORRORS*, and listening to the first CD and sobbing, feeling like I missed out on so much at high school, and at the same time missing it so much because everything was different and hard now.

Also Ani Difranco with Claire and Lenee and Dusti. We skipped AP Biology during exams since we never really learned anything in that class anyway. We got breakfast at McDonald’s and went to Honey Creek. That was the only class I ever skipped, and we were practically given permission to by the teacher (who never got around to getting us textbooks for the class, so none of us took the AP Exam. I hold him directly responsible for me having to take a 5-credit lab in college, resulting in a B. Unacceptable. And the only reason I managed a B was because Peter was my lab partner and saved my ass in the lab portion, and I rock at tests even when I know nothing. Which is pretty much always.)

In AP Biology Dusti and I were lab partners. We dissected a fetal pig, its name was Analiese. I made Dusti use the scissors to cut the skin; I just couldn’t handle that part.

LILACS!!!, originally uploaded by maren6300.

So I am pretty sure this is how most of my posts are going to go. Pretty stream-of-consciousness, but that is what will work for me. As I am writing this, a few more things popped into my head, but I will spare you those for now and post them later. I am sure you can’t wait.

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